Omani Maritime Heritage Festival to be held in Wilayat of Sur

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The activities of the Omani Maritime Heritage Festival will begin in the Wilayat of Sur in the Governorate of South Al Sharqiyah on Friday.

The festival, which is organized by the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism in cooperation with the Office of the Governor of South Al Sharqiyah and a number of government and private agencies, includes the activities of the Maritime Heritage Village, which tells the story of the maritime heritage for which the Wilayat of Sur is famous in the past for its maritime activity, with a creative design through several components, including: A corner dedicated to related craft industries Maritime heritage, folklore sessions, the popular café, theatre, recreational and cultural events and activities, folk games and performances of traditional sea-related arts.

The festival also includes the organization of a simulation show of the traditional sea voyage on the ground that embodies the historical journey of Omani ships, in which the mechanism of transporting and loading goods and cargo in the past is simulated, accompanied by traditional arts, and an explanation of the paths of ships and goods that were transported through each route according to the requirements of the market in the past.

An Omani food carnival will also be held that includes a series of interactive activities that allow visitors to explore the most famous Omani and international dishes, with a focus on fresh seafood from local sources to reflect the richness of marine wealth in the state, in addition to heritage and entertainment shows.

The festival will include accompanying events such as a windsurfing experience, a sailing experience, a sea fishing competition, a symposium on marine heritage (images of man and the sea), a traditional boat race, a review of Omani traditional games and sports, as well as a kite flying show.

Source: Ministry of Information