MoFA says stopping aggression on Gaza ‘only way to protect civilians’

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RAMALLAH: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said that stopping the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip is the only way to protect civilians and secure their basic needs.

It explained in a statement issued today that stopping the aggression is a necessary beginning in order to restore the political horizon for resolving the conflict, leading to turning the page on wars and the cycle of violence, and achieving security, stability, and prosperity for the region and the world.

The Ministry pointed out that the genocide, humanitarian catastrophe and starvation that the Gaza Strip and its residents are being subjected to is unprecedented in human history, all in the absence of any response from the Israeli side to international demands regarding protecting civilians and securing their basic needs, and in the absence of any clear Israeli plan to deal with and secure aid for civilians.

The Israeli government is diligent in its attempts to perpetuate its occupation of the Gaza Strip and control it co
mpletely, and to impose military security logic in dealing with it, far from any visions or political horizons, while military security solutions have proven their failure in dealing with Palestinian people, The Ministry concluded.

Source: Palestine news and Information Agency – WAFA