Deputy Commander of Joint Operations stresses the importance of updating media plans

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Deputy Commander of Joint Operations, General Qais Al-Muhammadawi, stressed today, Monday, the importance of updating media plans to suit the current stage.

The Joint Operations Command said in a statement: ‘General Qais al-Muhammadawi met today, at the headquarters of the Joint Operations Command, with the head and members of the Security Media Cell,’ indicating that ‘the meeting included the presentation of a number of topics that would develop the work of the security media and overcome challenges and dilemmas to ensure that the media message is delivered accurately to the recipient.

Al-Mohammadawi stressed, according to the statement, ‘the necessity of continuing diligent and continuous media work to convey a clear and bright picture to all aspects of our heroic security forces and the victories achieved in the security operations they carry out in the pursuit of defeated terrorist elements and documenting the achievements achieved in combating crime in its various forms, in addition to confronting mali
cious rumors and monitoring all… ‘What harms the inherent values and customs of our society.’

He stressed the necessity of ‘updating media plans in a way that suits the current stage and following developments up to date, setting a timetable for each media work, marketing media achievements through national media outlets, and fruitful and constructive cooperation with government agencies in disseminating purposeful media content.’

Source: National Iraqi News Agency