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10:00 Lebanese Press Editors Syndicate is organizing a free, intensive training course for correspondents and journalists on safety measures during coverage of war battles, at the Editors’ Syndicate headquarters – Hazmieh – Lamartine Center – 4th Floor

11:00 Working meeting, with the participation of the Chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, and the heads of economic and labor bodies, to discuss the issue of taxes in the draft budget law for 2024, and other draft tax laws referred to the Parliament, and their impact on the economic, social and living conditions, at the headquarters of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (to be followed by speeches by MP Kanaan and Council President Charles Arbid)

11:30 Solidarity stand with journalist Layal Al-Ikhtiyar, at the invitation of ‘Media Reporters for Freedom’ at Samir Kassir Square – downtown Beirut

13:00 Meeting of the coordination body of Lebanese national parties, forces and figures, at the headquarters of
the Secretary-General of the Union Party, MP Hassan Murad, Tallet Al-Khayyat – Beirut

14:00 ‘Raising the Lebanese Flag’ ceremony, held by the Businessmen Union for Support and Development ‘Irada’, under the patronage of the Governor of Beirut, Judge Marwan Abboud, and the Mayor of Beirut, Abdullah Darwish, at President Saeb Salam Square – Verdun Intersection – UNESCO

18:00 Roman Catholic Metropolitan of Beirut and Byblos, Bishop George Baqouni, presides over the Mass of the Feast of Our Lady’s Entry into the Temple, in the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Furn El Chebbak

Source: National news agency – Lebanon

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