WAPF 5th Meeting Holds in Salalah

Salalah, The General Assembly of the West Asia Paralympic Federation(WAPF) today held its fifth electoral meeting at the Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex in Salalah with the participation of 12 affiliated countries.

During the meeting, observers were appointed to meet and adopt the agenda of the meeting. A presentation was submitted on WAPFactivities 2014-2018 and the ratification of the minutes of the previous meeting, the meeting of the General Electoral Assembly of 2014 and the ordinary general meeting 2017, in addition to reviewing and ratifying the minutes of the two sessions.

The meeting also reviewed the report of the President of the Federation and the representative of the West Asia region in the Asian Paralympic Committee on the 2014-2018 electoral cycle, as well as the decisions and recommendations of WAPF Fourth Assembly 2017, the report of the 1stWest Asian Paralympic Games, held in Khour Fakan in 2017, and the report of the 2nd Second West Asian Paralympic Games 2019.

At the end of the session, elections process was conducted and resulted in the election of Dr. Abdel Razzaq bin Rashid, as WAPF after obtaining 11 votes, Dr. Mansour al-Tooqi, as Deputy President and Megali Ouda as WAPFSecretary of Finance and Dr. Mesbah Jaafar asWAPF Secretary General.

Source: Oman News Agency