US President Describes Situation at Border as Humanitarian Crisis

Washington, US President Donald Trump described the situation along the Mexican-American border as “a humanitarian crisis that cost Americans lives and money”.

“There are criminals who have been arrested at the border and committed thousands of violent crimes and thousands of other lives will be lost if we do not work now,” Trump said in a speech to the US nation.

He added that the tragic reality of illegal immigration on the southern border is the uncontrollable flow of human traffickers, drugs and illegal immigration. “This cycle of human suffering is what my administration insists on putting an end to”.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of taking the government “hostage to his obsession” by forcing Americans to pay for a “costly and ineffective” border wall.

“President Trump is holding the Americans as hostages through the “government shutdown” that has been paralyzing for weeks a section of federal administrations,” she said.

Chuck Schumer, Leader of the Senate Democratic Minority, said Trump used the Oval Office to “create a crisis” and called on him to sign bills that would allow government funding and end a partial closure that lasted for 18 days.

Source: Oman News Agency