Muscat, Upon the Royal Order of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, both chambers of the Council of Oman (State Council and Majlis A’Shura) will open its fourth annual sitting on November 12th. The first sessions of Majlis A’Shura will begin on the same day amid hopes of achieving more of progress in the legislative and supervisory work being carried out by the Council of Oman.

Sheikh Ali bin Nasser al-Mahrouqi, Secretary General of Majlis A’Shura said that the fourth annual sitting (2018-2019) of the eighth term of Majlis A’Shura will witness a prominent activity in its legislative and supervisory activities covering all aspects and topics, adding that at the beginning of the fourth sitting, the draft state budget will be discussed, followed by the ministerial statements in the coming months.

He added that during the last three sittings of the eighth term, a significant shift was made in the work of Majlis A’Shura through activating the legislative and supervisory practice of the members by taking advantage of the powers available to them. He added that Majlis A’Shura also interacted with the issues and developments affecting citizens through organizing many dialogue sessions aimed at involving citizens and creating Interactive environment through their presence and listening to their proposals, in addition to what is circulated through the official accounts of Majlis A’Shura in the social media.

He added that the sessions of Majlis A’Shura in the last two sittings witnessed the discussion and approval of a series of agreements and studies from the Standing Committees and the working groups, reviewing the ministerial responses to Majlis A’Shura and the tools and means presented by the members of the Majlis, including questions, requests for clarification, discussions and other tools available to Majlis A’Shura.

Source: Oman News Agency