Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri called to "return all the bank funds transferred abroad, estimated at billions of dollars," noting that "the financial and economic situation can improve once the government is in place, and we have weeks, not months [to do so]."

"The situation is very dangerous and there is no room for luxury," Berri said at the Wednesday parliamentary gathering in Ain el-Tineh, seeming surprised with "the government's failure to fulfill its duties, saying the urgency of the situation should push for imminent cabinet meetings.

"The President of the Republic has the power to call the Higher Defense Council to convene because the social and economic situations are critical," he said, wondering why not form a financial committee to reach out to international institutions. It is as though the conspiracy is from within.

"Everyone in Lebanon is interested in preserving the values of democracy that are based on dialogue. It is not permissible to practice dictatorship, neither in the streets nor in institutions, the Speaker corroborated.

"The work of the parliamentary committees has been launched today, and those are called upon, now more than ever, to finalize what is on their agenda of draft laws and projects that touch on the affairs of the people and their demands for reform, namely the completion of the 2020 budget, Berri stressed.

Source: National News Agency