Muscat, Dr. Yahya bin Badr al- Ma’awali, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Development, met today with the UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender and the Empowerment of Women, at the Ministry’s headquarters.

During the meeting, the delegation reviewed the Sultanate’s experience in the field of women’s empowerment, such as the laws and legislations derived from the Basic Law of the State, the establishment of the Omani Women Day, the implementation of scientific forums to discuss women’s issues, the preparation of studies on women in various social, economic and legal aspects, which have clearly contributed to sustainable national development.

The meeting tackled the Social Action Strategy of the Ministry of Social Development 2016-2025 and its focus on developing the role and empowerment of women in the Omani society by providing an appropriate environment to emphasize their economic and pivotal role in the family and society and their participation in the various decision-making circles.

The delegation also learned about the ”Tamkeen” program launched by the Ministry to empower women economically and support their participation in sustainable development. At the end of the meeting, the two sides exchanged ideas and views on the topics of the meeting and mechanism of cooperation and coordination between the Ministry and the UN Women.

Source: Oman News Agency