UK Premier to Warn EU Leaders of Russian Threat

Theresa May, Prime Minister of the

United Kingdom (UK) will tell a summit of EU leaders in Brussels that

they must remain united against a threat from Russia to all European


The Prime Minister will say the nerve agent attack in Salisbury

shows Moscow has no respect for international law.

A senior Whitehall official said Russia had “shown itself to be a

strategic enemy not a strategic partner”.

European leaders are also due to decide whether or not to

agree the terms for a 21-month Brexit transition period.

Mrs May, who will not be present when the other EU leaders

discuss Brexit on Friday, will brief her counterparts on Thursday on the

poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in


The European Council is expected to adopt conclusions

strongly condemning the attack, which the UK government has said

the Russian state was culpable for, but which Russia denies.

At the UK, Theresa May has taken a firm rhetorical tone, in

response to the nerve agent attack in Salisbury.

What the government hopes for in the next 24 hours though is

that the other EU nations are willing to come alongside in the same


The US, UK, France and Germany signed up to a very strong

and uncompromising statement last week. But, the Prime Minister will

use blunt language on Thursday night to try to create a similarly strong

and united front among the other 27 EU member states, the BBC


Source: Oman News Agency