UK Praises HM The Sultan Efforts to Establish Peace in the Middle East

Muscat, British Secretary of Defence Gavin Williamson said in a press conference held at the British Embassy in Muscat today that his government appreciates the efforts exerted by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and the Omani government to establish security and stability in the Middle East.

He believed that achieving peace and stability and ensuring the bright future of the region requires the wisdom and vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said through his insight and careful handling of various issues in the region.

The British Secretary of Defence said that the international community commends and appreciates these efforts, which have enabled contacts with all parties of the conflict and the establishment of security in the region, and that the government of his country “learns a lot from the Sultanate’s foreign policy,” especially with regard to dealing with neighboring countries.

With regard to the joint defence agreement signed earlier in the day between the Sultanate and Britain, he pointed out that the main objective of signing this agreement between the two friendly countries is to improve the common relations and take them to a wider horizon, especially in the areas of defence. He pointed out that the agreement will provide the opportunity to work better, in order to achieve the common goals, hoping to achieve the expected success.

“Relations between countries should not be based solely on history, but on what these countries will do to develop their relations in the present and the future. This is why the signing of the joint defence agreement between the Sultanate and Britain is of particular importance “.

He pointed out that the two friendly countries had signed a similar agreement in late 1800 which said at the end of the words ” our friendship shall remain unshock until the end of time and until the Sun and Moon have finised their revolving carrier ” and it is that very much my hope that this sense of partnership and that sense of working together is something that optimised by this defence agreement” he further said. ” which confirms that it is not linked to a specific time frame.” he said.

The Secretary of Defence added that the joint defence agreement came to complement the success achieved by the two sides through the joint military exercise (Swift Sword/3), which carried the basic message that the Sultanate and the United Kingdom are friendly countries stand together in time of hardship and prosperity to achieve common interests.

He stressed that the United Kingdom believes that the security of the Arabian Gulf region is of its security, thus it is seeking to strengthen relations of cooperation with all countries of the region. He added that 3 billion sterling pounds have been allocated to invest in all areas available in the region, pointing out that cooperation between Britain and the Sultanate in particular and the Gulf region in general is not limited to defence, but extends to other areas, such as education, health and trade.

British Secretary of Defence Gavin Williamson has revealed that his country will adopt a new approach in its foreign relations after its exit from the European Union under the name of “Global Britain “, in which it will be able to work and cooperate with its partners more broadly and among these partners is the Sultanate of Oman.

Source: Oman News Agency