Uganda to Administer Ebola Vaccine to Health Personnel on DRC Border

Kampala, Uganda will start tomorrow (Monday)

vaccinating some health personnel against Ebola, amid fears that the

viral hemorrhagic fever may transmit from the Democratic Republic of

the Congo (DRC), which is facing an outbreak of the disease.

Jean-Ruth Eing, Health Minister of Uganda said the authorities

would provide about 2,100 vaccine doses to cover health professionals

in areas close to the border.

During a press conference, Eing explained that tens of thousands

cross the border weekly in both directions for trade, family visits and

other purposes. She added “Hence the risk of cross-border

transmission is very high.

Congo declared the outbreak of Ebola on 1 August, killing at

least 139 people.

Uganda western border areas are about 100 kilometers away

from the spots where the disease spread in Congo.

Source: Oman News Agency