Washington, US President Donald Trump announced in his State of the

Union address that he will meet again with North Korean President Kim Jong-Un on

February 27th-28th. President Trump said in his State of the Union address, which sets

priorities for his administration this year, that he will meet again with the president of North

Korea, noting that Vietnam will host the summit.

Trump seeks to push ahead with his plan to build the separation fence with the southern

neighbor of Mexico, asking for $5.7 million, despite the Democrats’ refusal to allocate any

money to build a concrete wall, but they are open to the construction of a fence or other

barriers. He described investigations by the Office of US Special Inspector Robert Mueller,

on the Russian intervention in the US presidential election in 2016 as “ridiculous and biased


“Our economy is envied by the world, and our army is the strongest on Earth,” he said,

referring specifically to the low unemployment rate and the tax cuts.

“I do not blame China for our exploitation but blame our leaders and officials who allowed it,

and we have recently imposed $250 billion customs tariffs on Chinese goods,” Trump said

of the tense economic situation with China.

Washington has long called for an end to what it calls as a forced transfer – or theft – of US

technology, and a halt to massive government financial aid to Chinese companies. Trump

wants Beijing to buy more US goods to narrow the trade gap between the two sides and

allow better international access to the Chinese market.

Source: Oman News Agency