Transport and Communications Minister Statement

Muscat, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Salim al- Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications said that the issuance of the royal decree No.27/2018 approving the Sultanate’s joining the Customs Convention on International Transport of Goods Under Cover of TIR Carnets (TIR Convention) will effectively contribute to achieving the aims of the national logistic strategy by facilitating trade, attracting investments and enhancing the efficiency of transport services rendered by the Sultanate.

He added in a statement today that the TIR will be one of the key pillars for facilitating trade activity in the Sultanate. As per the indicators, TIR is expected to enhance the transit goods and contribute to the growth of the national economy through the direct trade routes to the emerging Gulf markets, in addition to markets in India and Africa. It will also open new horizons for Omani businessmen and provide them with access to international trade centers, such as China and EU.

He also pointed out that the Sultanate’s joining of TIR complements the efforts made by the government to achieve the aims of the national logistic strategy 2040. The joining will enhance the competitive edges of the Sultanate at the international and regional circuits and will make the Sultanate an international hub for business and investment through providing the international transport services and multi-modal transport.

On his part, Umberto De Pretto, Secretary-General of the International Road Transport Union said ‘ we totally agree with our partners in the Sultanate of Oman that the development of international transport services and standardizing the custom procedures to be in line with international practices will contribute to the development of regional trade and sustainability of the economic growth.

It should be noted that TIR is an international system for coordination custom control to facilitate international trade and transport at the least time and more cost effective manner.

Source: Oman News Agency