Muscat, The Authority for Electricity Regulation, will host tomorrow

(Sunday) Energy Regulators Regional Association’s Training Course on Principles of

Economic Regulation and Electricity Tariffs at Crowne Plaza Muscat Hotel.

The interactive training course attracts local and international specialists to gain an insight

on electricity tariff-setting process and understand the complex role of regulators of

wholesale price regulation, renewable energy pricing and allowed revenue calculation.

The five-day-international training will set discussions by providing a high-level overview of

the regulatory roles and instruments in price regulation, and will then look into the regulation

of wholesale markets, tariff considerations, impacts on attracting investment and on security

of supply.

Renewable energy and gradual evolvement towards more market-compatible schemes

will be also discussed, in addition to principles and objectives of various systems of tariff

design and review case studies of cost-allocation methodologies. The final day will largely

focus on the challenges of deregulating retail markets and mitigating impacts on customers,

institutional roles in protecting vulnerable customers and examples of protection schemes

to mitigate market distortion.

Source: Oman News Agency