Muscat, The Telecommunications Regulatory

Authority (TRA) in collaboration with Information Technology Authority

(ITA) organized today a panel discussion that was attended by 17

institutions from the private sector to discuss IPv6 National Migration


The issue of replacing IPv4 addresses has become increasingly

essential, as these addresses are almost exhausted in view of the

global migration to IPv6.

The panel discussion highlights TRA circular No. 1/2018 that has

emphasized the importance of executing the IPv6 National Migration

Plan by all the government and private entities by December 2020 to

ensure the continued growth and stability of the internet network.

Technologies like 4G and its associated applications such as Smart

Cities and the Internet of Things require the allocation of internet

addresses at a higher pace more than ever before. TRA has

announced earlier that since last June it has ceased to approve any

telecommunication devices that are not supported by IPv6.

It is noteworthy that this plan aims at furthering the adoption of

IPv6 in Oman by more government and private entities and overcome

the challenges facing the implementation of the plan on the national

level including the allocation of addresses, the migration process,

equipment and capacity building to keep abreast of the new edition.

Source: Oman News Agency