Muscat, The Telecommunications Regulatory

Authority (TRA) in cooperation with the Information Technology

Authority (ITA) today organized a panel discussion in the presence of

35 public organizations to discuss transition to sixth version of the

internet protocol (IPv6). The transition to IPv6 is very crucial as the

world is running out of unused IPv4 addresses.

The discussion shed light on the TRC circular No 1/2018 which

stressed the need by all public and private organizations to implement

the national plan for transition to IPv6 by December 2020 to ensure

continuity and stability of internet. The IPv4, smart cities and internet of

things (IoT) need more internet addresses than any time in the past.

TRA earlier announced that it has stopped approving any

communication devices that do not support IPv6 since June 2018.

It should be noted that the plan aims at enhancing the IPv6 at the

public organizations and address the challenges facing the

implementation of the national plan, including allocating address, the

transition process, the devices and human capacities.

Source: Oman News Agency