Tourism Ministry to Organize Tourism Promotional Workshops in GCC Countries

Doha, The Ministry of Tourism will launch the first mobile promotional workshops in the Qatari capital of Doha from October 7th to 11th in five Gulf cities, with the participation of Omani tourism institutions, in addition to Oman Air and SalamAir.

The organizers of these promotional events in the cities of Doha, Kuwait, Jeddah, Riyadh and Dubai, respectively, complement the efforts of the Ministry and the institutions of the Omani tourism sector in promoting the potentials, destinations and winter and summer tourist seasons in the Sultanate where the participants of travel institutions and tourism in the Sultanate meet directly with their counterparts in the Gulf tourism market in the presence of the media.

The Ministry has coordinated with its representative offices to invite about 100 tourist companies and institutions, in addition to the local media in the host countries. Introductory and promotional presentation will be made about the tourism potentials, services and products in the Sultanate, in addition to conducting direct meetings between the invitees from the host countries and the participants from the Sultanate, in addition to promotional offers from the 16 participating companies and establishments in preparation for the signing of joint contracts between these institutions and establishments in the Omani tourist market and their Gulf counterparts.

The Sultanate is a preferred tourist destination for the Gulf citizens, the residents and visitors of the region, due to its unique tourist and environmental components, its unique location and accessibility, historical, cultural heritage, exceptional weather and high quality tourist products, which they are interrelated and common elements that offer an authentic tourist experience that is enhanced by the Omani cheerfulness, welcome and hospitality.

Source: Oman News Agency