Muscat, The Ministry of Tourism launched a large-

scale promotional campaign for the Khareef season in the Governorate

of Dhofar inside the Sultanate and abroad.

This is as part of the ministry’s efforts to promote tourist season in

the governorate and attract more tourists to enjoy Khareef season

which began on June 21 till September 21. This campaign is expected

to strengthen the tourism sector. The promotion continues throughout

the year in all forums, advertisement means and media. It is meant for

all tourist destinations in the country. The Ministry of Tourism wants that

influx of tourists should continue whole year in all governorates of the

Sultanate which have diverse environment. This diversity attracts

tourists throughout the year and makes tourism as major sector of our

national economy.

Salem bin Udai al-Ma’amari, Director General of Promotions at the

Ministry of Tourism, said that the ministry has been promoting the

Khareef season in Dhofar in particular, and the Sultanate in general,

throughout the year through its foreign offices, especially in the GCC

countries. It is participating in international tourism conferences,

exhibitions and marketing events.

He said that these campaigns and participations contributed to the

growth of the number of tourist year after year along with the

development of the sector. The tourism sector in Oman is attracting

increasing number of visitors. He said that the number of hotel

establishments of different levels is constantly increasing.

Al Ma’amari said that the Khareef season in Dhofar was one of the

top priorities in the ministry’s promotional schemes in the GCC

countries. It is meant to attract a larger share of Gulf tourists in the

summer season due to various reasons. The Governorate of Dhofar

has moderate weather and provides an opportunity to enjoy tourism

with the entire family.

As part of the promotional campaigns, a number of means and tools

are used to introduce tourists to the advantages of tourism in the

Sultanate, its cultural, historical or natural attractions are tourism

elements as well as the diversity of the climate even during the

summer, said the Director General of Promotions in the Ministry of


He said that the promotional campaigns, which were carried out

mainly in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar

and Bahrain were varied. For this purpose, direct marketing method

through the tour operators were used. The ministry held several rounds

of direct and indirect meetings with tourism companies in the GCC

countries. These meetings were aimed at promoting the Sultanate in

general, and the Khareef season in Dhofar in particular. The ministry

also launched promotional campaigns in the cinema halls of the UAE,

Qatar and Kuwait as one of the most effective marketing options. It

also launched marketing drive on the social media platforms.

He said that the ministry was working on an advertisement

arrangement with a transport company to promote Dhofar and other

tourist sites through some of its buses. This advertisement campaign

will begin in coming weeks.

He added that there were many voluntary promotional initiatives

launched by the Omani youth on the social networking sites and other

such forums. They have launched promotional hashtags for the

Khareef season in Dhofar. They are taking photos of the places of

attractions to introduce the natural tourist elements in the governorate.

He said that the ministry was preparing to launch promotional

campaigns through television channels and radios in neighboring

countries, beginning from July to broadcast promotional content about

Khareef season in Dhofar. A number of popular television channels are

spread the information about the natural and heritage elements of the

governorate. These campaigns will have positive results in attracting

tourists to the Dhofar, as well as it would also introduce the Sultanate

in general.

He said that the tourism office of the ministry in Dubai will launch

marketing campaigns for the Khareef season of Dhofar in the UAE.

Similarly, there would be promotional campaigns in both English and

Arabic languages in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar during


He pointed out that the tourism office in the UAE recently launched

a two month marketing campaign with, the first travel

website of the UAE. It continued between March 19 and May 18. It was

meant for attracting tourists from the Middle East. In addition to this,

the ministry also launched a promotional campaign with AlMusafer

website / Tejwal of Saudi Arabia.

He furthered that a joint marketing campaign was underway for three

months to attract tourists to the Sultanate. It is in cooperation with

Holiday Factory Packages Tours, a large German tourism company

with 500,000 followers on social media. It has a database of its 300,000

active subscribers.

Al-Ma’amari said that the ministry was working to increase tourism

awareness to protect environmental components which are most

important pillars of tourism in Dhofar. The ministry believes that eco-

tourism is one of the most important feature of Dhofar and other

governorates of the Sultanate. The ministry is making huge efforts to

increase awareness about tourism along with importance of

environmental conservation.

He said that the information centers were providing information to

tourists and responding to their inquiries about tourist sites and

services. They are providing them various relevant publications and

maps. These information centers are directly communicating with the

tourists at Salalah Airport and the commercial center at Gardens Mall.

He further said that the Ministry of Tourism was also working through

social media on which it is spreading its awareness messages in both

Arabic and English languages. It is also publishing its information in

local newspapers. It is trying to develop the culture of advance

bookings, confirmation before travelling to Dhofar to ensure that

accommodation is available, check tyres of cars before they head

towards a tourist destination and not to go near wadis and fountains for

safety reasons. It is also educating people to take permission before

clicking photos and respect privacy of people. The help of some

innovative youth and socially influential people are also been sought to

create tourism awareness.

Source: Oman News Agency