Muscat, The Sultanate will host this Monday the 12th Middle East Health Insurance Conference under the title “Evolution Strategies to Make Compulsory Health Insurance Sustainable and Successful” at the Sheraton Oman Hotel. The 2-day conference is organized by the Middle East Insurance Review.

The opening ceremony will be patronized over by Dr. Ali bin Masoud al-Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry.

Ahmed bin Ali al-Ma’amari, Vice- President of the Insurance Sector, Capital Market Authority (CMA), said that the Sultanate will host for the second time in a row the conference, which will be attended by a wide range of countries, adding that the Sultanate will host international experiences to implement health insurance through the working papers to be presented during the conference.

He pointed out that the convening of this conference in the Sultanate coincides with preparations in the Sultanate to implement the health insurance project for employees in the private sector and visitors and thus it is an opportunity to identify the future visions of healthcare insurance, in addition to identifying the regulatory and supervisory role to ensure the provision of health services of high quality that develop the health insurance market industry and to benefit from the tremendous and continuous progress at the local and international levels in quality standards, information security and data privacy, as well as the models and experiences of many organizations and governments in the field of insurance through the review of lessons learned and challenges that have faced the application of the health insurance system.

The hosting of such an international conference organized by the Middle East Insurance Review is a great opportunity to learn about and benefit from the international and regional experience of regulating the health insurance market, which is one of the means of providing appropriate health care and thus the ability to improve the quality of services.

The health insurance products have grown in size over the past five years with an average growth rate of 26 per cent, and the share of health insurance now accounts for 30 per cent of total premiums.

Source: Oman News Agency