Barka, The concluding day of the horse jumping competition of

2018/2019 season were held at Al Rahba Farm Field in the Wilayat of Barka.

The competition, which included 5 categories with the participation of 76 horses, were

organized by the Omani Equestrian Federation (OEF).

The ceremony was sponsored by Brigadier. Abdul Razzaq bin Abdul Qadir al-Shuhorzi,

Royal Cavalry Commander, in the presence of Sayyid Munthir bin Saif bin Hamad al-

Busaidi, OEF Chairman and a number of officials in the government cavalry units.

Four horses participated in the category B. Hamoud al- Touqi, riding ‘Talbot’, from

Equestrian Olympic Centre won the first place. In category / C /, 6 horses participated and

1st place was won by Khalid al- Shuaibi, riding ‘Al Murouj, from ROP cavalry Unit.

In the category / D /, 11 horses participated and the first place went to Jamal al-Shiryani,

riding on the horse / Dras / of the cavalry of the Royal Guard of Oman. In the category / D1

/, 19 horses participated and the first place was won by Mohammad al- Hadhrami on the

horse ‘Ampere’ from the Royal Cavalry. In the category of newcomers, 36 horses

participated, and the first place went to Sheikha al- Touqiya, riding ‘Victor’ from the Olympic

Equestrian Centre.

Source: Oman News Agency