YALA, Thailand A man and woman were shot dead by unknown assailants at a house in Benang Setar, Yala province in southern Thailand Saturday night.

The incident happened at about 10pm and the dead were identified as Yanainah Matrano, 30, who was the owner of the house, and Matrapi Lakok, 25, a visitor.

“They were shot with M-16 rifles and suffered fatal head and body injuries, Yala police chief Mej Gen Krisada Jandee told the media here yesterday.

He said police had recovered .11mm bullet shells from the scene.

There was also a 10-month-old child at the home at the time but was not harmed, he said, adding that the victims were not a couple.

He said Yanainah husband’s was tapping rubber about 500 metres away when the shooting happened and that police had called him in for questioning.

Source: Nam News Network