Tech University Branch Serves Musandam Governorate’s Economic, Scientific, Tourism Development

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Muscat, The University of Technology and Applied Sciences affirmed that the opening of its branch in the Governorate of Musandam figures among projects of economic, scientific, tourism and social significance. It constitutes part of a strategy set for urban comprehensive development within Oman Vision 2040.

The university said in a statement today that the setting up of its branch will be carried out in two stages: the first covers programmes of mechanical engineering, transportation systems engineering, energy systems engineering, construction and maintenance engineering, management of logistic services, and management of transport systems, while programmes proposed for the second stage deal with navigation, fishery products processing technology and management of maritime sports.

The project is expected to achieve balanced development among governorates of the Sultanate, attract investment in projects and services and develop components of the Governorate’s economic setup like ecotourism, transport services and investment in renewable energy and fisheries.

The project will also promote other factors— like human resources development and domestic employment— by supplying the labour market with specialized manpower with an ability to introduce high quality educational and training programmes, contribute to invigorating the national identity, inculcate social values and provide students with modern knowledge and skills needed to renovate social and practical life.

The University of Technology and Applied Sciences pointed out that the edifice will significantly boost the integration of other elements. It will be a lighthouse of growth in scientific, intellectual, research and innovation areas related to potential development of the Governorate’s wilayats, the statement added.

Source: Oman News Agency