KUWAIT, Kuwait acts as Tajikistan’s gateway to the Arab region and its key partner in the Middle East region, Nizomiddin Zohidi, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan, said, Wednesday.

He made the remarks in a statements, following his two-day official visit to Kuwait.

“We appreciate Kuwait’s contributions to my country’s policy of opening up to the Arab world,” he said.

“Tajikistan’s leaders attach great importance to the partnership with Kuwait in all fields, and seek to open new horizons for the mutually beneficial cooperation,” he affirmed.

On his visit to Kuwait, he said, he held several meetings with senior officials of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they discussed ways to cement the already exemplary relations.

“The meetings showed that both Tajikistan and Kuwait held identical views on almost all regional and international issues, and share desire to enhance coordination of their stances, on issues of common interest at the international forums,” he noted.

“We are planning to build a regional power grid linking Tajikistan, Pakistan and India, which could be very attractive for Kuwaiti investors,” he pointed out.

The Central Asian country launched four free economic zones that offer preferential treatment to foreign investors, including modern infrastructure and technological facilities, he went on.

Dealing with the Tajik-Arab ties, he said that Dushanbe hosted the second Arab-Central Asia economic cooperation forum, last year, which helped promote economic and investment cooperation between both regions.

Source: Nam News Network