Sur, An official celebration, organized by the

executive office of Sur Health City, was held today under the auspices

of Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Saeedi, Minister of Health in the

Wilayat of Sur in the Governorate of South A’Sharqiya.

The celebration was organized to mark the obtaining of Sur Health

City of the international recognition of the Regional Office of the World

Health Organization (WHO) as one of the internationally recognized

cities and as the first health city in the Sultanate.

The celebration included a presentation about the achievements of

the Sur City Health Initiative, in addition to popular arts performance,

poems recitation and musical operetta.

The chief guest accompanied by the WHO Representative, handed

over the certificate of official recognition of the Sur Health City to the

Wali of Sur. He also honored the main members and members of the

committees in the Sur Health City and cooperating governmental and

private institutions and participants.

Source: Oman News Agency