Supreme Committee of E-Census 2020 Reviews its Progress

Muscat, The Supreme Committee for the Electronic Census for Population, Housing and Establishments 2020 held its periodical meeting today under the chair of Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq al-Said, Minister of Heritage and Culture, Chairman of the Committee.

During the meeting, the committee reviewed a wide array of topics related to the project’s progress, methodology, major milestones and working teams’ achievements. Furthermore, since the E-Census 2020 is register-based, the committee discussed the data preparedness of all parties involved in the project.

The committee members were also briefed on the integration status between the registers of the project’s relevant institutions, progress made in building an integrated information system and the main features of the marketing communication campaign.

The committee expressed its satisfaction regarding the efforts made by various units to verify the collected data and the so far achieved integration level between registers.

Dr. Khalifa bin Abdullah al-Barwani, Chief Executive Officer of the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) mentioned that the overall completion level of the E-Census 2020 has reached 39 per cent.

Eng. Omar bin Hamdan al-Ismaili, Director General of E-Census 2020 explained that E-Census’s ultimate goal is to provide instant data and statistical indicators to serve the development plans in the country, which could be achieved by establishing an integrated information system based on registers of various institutions.

He added that the E-Census 2020 teams are currently working with the concerned parties on enhancing the quality and integration of data. The cooperation of all related parties and teams has contributed to the progress of this project.

Source: Oman News Agency