Sultanate’s progress highlighted in US television programme

The Sultanate has been witnessing major changes in all fields since His Majesty the Sultan’s accession to the throne. Omanis now live in a modern state, thanks to the wise policies adopted by His Majesty the Sultan, said Dr Abdullah bin Nasser al Harasi, Chairman of the Public Authority for Radio and Television, in a statement to This is America and the World programme.

The programme is a weekly, international affairs television series, produced in Washington and New York City in the US and other countries.

The programme, which produced five serials about the Sultanate’s foreign policy, culture, economy and tourism, is aired on scores of US TV channels.

PART Chairman also pointed out that the Omani society is governed by a number of values that promote friendship, fraternity and peaceful coexistence. He noted that the Omanis are hard workers and dedicated by nature.

The nature has influenced the Omani personality. When someone visits Oman, he will be impressed by the beauty surrounding him. This beauty has been reflected on the Omani man’s habits and traditions, he added.

The Omani identity is the outcome of the interaction between man, nature, environment, history and experiences of forefathers. The state is governed by certain values such as peace, beauty, peaceful coexisting and doing good for humanity, he added.

In a statement about PART, he noted that it has five radio and four TV channels that cover Oman’s true values and culture. He pointed out that PART’s task is to produce media content that reflects the Omani principal values.

Source: Ministry of Information (Oman News)