Cape Town, The Sultanate, represented by the

Photographic Society of Oman, won the gold medal in the 19th FIAP

Nature Biennial 2018 and the Honorary Award in the 34th Black and

White Biennial held by the International Federation of Photographic

Arts (FIAP) every two years for its member states.

The Nature Biennale aims to highlight the beauties of nature

seen by photographers that captivate the hearts and inspire the

photographer to explore the details of their wonderful colours and

gorgeous dazzling moments.

Russia topped the results of the Biennale by winning the World

Cup in the Digital Photo with a total of 248 points. The Sultanate won

the gold medal of the competition with 232 points, ahead of the silver

medalist Saudi Arabia with 221 points, and the bronze medalist South

Africa with 205 points.

The Sultanate also took part in the printed photo exhibition in

the Nature Biennale with (10) works in the Omani Turtle theme. It was

ranked eleventh in the country level. Photographer Ismail bin Abdullah

al-Farsi won the individual level.

On the other hand, the Sultanate received the honorary award

in Black and White Biennial.

A ceremony to honour the winning countries will be held on the

sidelines of FIAP conference and congress, which will be held from 11

to 18 August 2018.

Source: Oman News Agency