Sultanate Takes Part at Ministerial Meeting for Enhancing Religious Freedom

Washington, The Sultanate is currently taking part

at the 1st ministerial meeting on enhancing religious freedom in the

world, which is held at Washington under the patronage of the U.S

Department of State.

The Sultanate is represented at this meeting, which will conclude

later today by Yousef bin Alawi bin Abdullah, Minister Responsible for

Foreign Affairs. The participation comes in response to an invitation

forwarded by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

This participation comes as part of the Sultanate’s fixed strategy

based on religious tolerance, peaceful coexistence and combatting


The ministerial meeting focuses on reaffirming the commitment of

the international community to encourage religious freedom and

ensuring the maximum part of its respect by identifying tangible and

clear methods to combat religious discrimination and persecution in a

bid to make a real and positive shift in this field.

The meeting aims at addressing the legal challenges for the

religious freedom and defending the equal rights for persons living at a

certain country. It also seeks to maintain the cultural heritage for all

creeds and provide care for victims of religious violence and

persecution around the world.

The meeting program includes panel discussion and side talks that

discuss issues related to religious freedom, the freedom of woman,

combatting terrorism and the effect of religious freedom on economic


It should be noted that the meeting is attended by a number of

foreign ministers and representatives of more than 80 governments

from around the world in addition to representatives of the relevant

international organizations, the US officials and congressmen, more

than 100 religious leaders and 175 representatives of the civil society


Source: Oman News Agency