The Sultanate stands first in the global index as a terrorism-free country and in the percentage of the annual change in the consumer price index (inflation).According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2019, the Sultanate moved up in a number of indicators compared to last year, such as innovation, efficiency of the legal framework and the rate of homicides.

The Sultanate ranks 53rd globally and sixth at the Arab and Gulf levels in several indicators, most notably for the independence of judiciary, road links and low crime (homicide) rate. It is ranked seventh globally for the government's long-term vision and the sixth for workforce diversity.This is due to the efforts made by various institutions in the public and private sectors to improve the competitiveness of the Sultanate to take its place among the various developed countries in the index, the report said.

The data for the report are based on a survey conducted by the World Economic Forum in cooperation with the National Competitiveness Office in Oman, as well as international statistics and reports.An online statement by the National Competitiveness Office said, The Sultanate is ranked third at the Arab and Gulf countries in a number of indicators, most notably the reliability of police services, the efficiency of port services, and the efficiency of legal framework in challenging government decisions.With regard to the cost of organised crime on businesses, the Sultanate ranked second in the Arab region and sixth in the world.

In addition, it came 7th globally with a long-term vision of government, 10th globally in the government's response to change, and 15th globally in ensuring the stability of government policy.The report showed that Oman jumped 29 places in innovation to become the 57th in the world, ranked 14th in the world in the reliability of police services, 10th in the world in the quality of road infrastructure index, and 22nd in the world efficient port service.The Sultanate also ranked 13th globally in the distorted index of taxes and subsidies on competition, and sixth in the world in the labor force diversity index.

The Global Competitiveness Report is issued in October every year and is concerned with measuring the factors that contribute in driving productivity and prosperity in countries.Since 2004, the Global Competitiveness Report ranks countries based on the Global Competitiveness Index. The report assesses the ability of countries to provide high levels of prosperity to their citizens.

Source: Ministry of Information Sultanate of Oman