Sultanate Participates in 49th Arab Information Ministers Session

Cairo, The Sultanate took part in the 49th session of the Arab Information Ministers Council, which was held at the Arab League’s HQs in Cairo today.

The Sultanate’s delegation was led by Dr. Abdulmun’em bin Mansoor al-Hassani, Minister of Information.

Dr. al-Hassani affirmed the role of the Omani media in extending bridges of friendship with various countries and peoples in order to deepen communication and humanitarian dialogue, besides achieving understanding to build peace, security, stability and prosperity in the region and around it.

On the sidelines of the 49th session, Dr. al- Hassani added in statement that the essence of the Omani media policy is to convey a message of peace, love and nation-building, stressing that everyone is in dire need of this at the current period.

He pointed out that work is underway to develop the Omani media performance to enhance the Sultanate’s status internally and externally through regulating media action and improving the media men performance, as well as committing with providing efficient media services.

He also said that the Omani and Egyptian media message is to promote for peace, security and stability in the region by virtue of their historic relations established since ancient times. He affirmed that the Sultanate, in cooperation with Egyptian media and press experiences at the level of individuals or institutions, contributed to develop media in the Sultanate.

The agenda of the session includes several important items, namely the international media plan to face the US unilateral decision recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation.

The session also discussed the Arab media map for sustainable development and the role of the Arab media in addressing terrorism phenomenon, besides other important topics.

The Council of Arab Ministers of Information honoured a number of Omani media figures, namely Muna bint Mahfoudh al-Manthariyah, former member of the State Council and the first Omani female presenter at Oman Radio and Television. The honouring ceremony was held during the Arab Media Excellence Awards, which was held at the Arab League today on the sidelines of the regular session of the Council.

The Council also honoured Ibrahim bin Salim al-Salemi, Director of the General Channel at Oman TV, for the program “File of the Week” and Adnan bin Salim al-Kathiri, Programme Team Member at Oman TV for a report on the Wilayat of Nizwa and Abdullah bin Zaher al-Adawi on a program titled “microscope” or “Al Mejhar”.

Source: Oman News Agency