Muscat, The State Council will take part in the

2nd Eurasian Women’s Forum during 20 to 21 September 2018 at

Saint Petersburg in the Russian Federation.

The State Council will be represented by honourable Eng.

Nashe’ah bint Saud al- Kharousiyah, Member of the Council as per an

invitation from Nikolaevna Korolyov, Vice President of the Federal

Assembly in the Russian Federation.

The Eurasian Women’s Forum will be organised by the

Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

and the Parliamentary Assembly of the member states of the

Commonwealth of Independent States. The forum is considered a

major international event. It enjoys a wide attention reflecting the

growing role of women in addressing vital socioeconomic and

humanitarian problems and promoting international peace.

The 2nd forum will involve parliamentarian women, representatives

of executive bodies, international organisations, scientific and social

entities and influential figures in the international women’s movement

from about 100 countries.

The forum will tackle a range of issues related to enhancing the

women’s potentials and activating their political role in the development

of the digital economy, social development, environmental security,

international cooperation and promotion of charitable and humanitarian


Source: Oman News Agency