State Council Office Discusses Proposal on Drones

Muscat, The State Council Office today discussed a draft law on the regulation of drones.

The State Council Office hosted at its 8rd meeting of the 3rd annual sitting of the 6th term under the chair of Dr. Yahya bin Mahfoudh al- Manthri, Chairman of the State Council, Sayyid said bin Sultan al- Busaidi, Head of the team work and Dr. Issa bin Said al-Kiyoumi, rapporteur of the team to discuss the proposal.

The head of the team explained that the proposal aims at creating a comprehensive legal mechanism to regulate the import, trade, circulation and use of unmanned aerial vehicles (Drones) and to establish controls to ensure that they are used in a manner that takes into account the social, economic and technical aspects that are important in providing the required public safety rules and requirements in the airspace of the Sultanate, in addition to commit users not to violate the confidentiality of protected sites, and maintain the privacy of individuals, and on the other does not hinder the progress of the use of these aircrafts in the legitimate areas in the ambulance and rescue and imaging and other areas.

Source: Oman News Agency