State Council Hails Efforts Made to Extend Social Security Umbrella and Develop Governmental Performance

Muscat, May 15 (ONA) —- The State Council today held its 9th regular session of the third annual sitting of the 6th term under the chairmanship of Dr. Yahya bin Mahfoudh al- Manthri, Chairman of the State Council. The session started with a speech by Dr. Al- Manthri, at which he reviewed the agenda of the meeting.

He hailed the government efforts to expand the social security umbrella to include eligible people at all wilayats and governorates. He also praised the efforts and programs made to improve the quality of governmental performance.

During the meeting, the State discussed the proposal about developing the social security system, which was submitted by the Social Committee at the State Council. It decided to form a committee to draft the inputs of members of the State Council about the proposal.

During the session, the State Council also reviewed the report of the Secretariat General on the activities of the State Council and its bodies during the period between the 8th session and this session.

Source: Oman News Agency