Muscat, The Sultanate recorded a fall in the production of standard grade petrol (M-91) by Omani refineries at the end of November 2019 by 9%, with the output surging to 12.58 million barrels compared to 13.87 million barrels produced in 2018.

The output of super grade petrol (M-95) reached 12.46 million barrels till the end of November 2019, according to data released by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

Gas oil (diesel) output fell by 11% to 24.60 million barrels while aviation fuel production jumped by 6% to 12.94 million barrels at the end of November 2019 over the same period of 2018. Production of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) rose by 1% to 6.34 million barrels during the period under review.

Of the total production of M-91 grade petrol (which is the cheapest petrol available in the market), 9.77 million barrels were sold in the domestic market.

However, domestic sales of M-95 grade petrol rose by 23% to reach 11.97 million barrels while sales of gas oil (diesel) within the country was at 14.11 million barrels during the 11-month period of 2019. Domestic sales of aviation fuel oil and LPG rose by 3% and 4% to reach at 4.50 million barrels and 2.44 million barrels in November 2019, respectively.

As far as petrochemicals are concerned, production of polypropylene by Orpic as at the end of November 2019 was 214.3 tons while output of paraxylene and benzene was 627.8 tons and 177.1 tons, respectively.

Further, Omani refineries exported 175.9 tons of benzene in the first 11 months of 2019 while exports of paraxylene and polypropylene stood at 622.8 tons and 191.8 tons, respectively.

Source: Oman News Agency