Muscat, The 5th International Conference of the

College of Education entitled Sport and Sustainable Development

commenced at the University today under the patronage of Sheikh

Sa’ad bin Mohammed al-Sa’adi, Minister of Sports Affairs.

The conference aims to shed the light on the importance of sport

and its role in advancing and sustaining development of individuals.

The conference is an opportunity for scholars, and professionals

interested in educational issues to communicate, consult with each

other, exchange expertise and successful experiences in the sport and

physical education on regional and international levels.

The conference addresses two major themes, namely physical

activity and health of individuals and society Toward a better life; and

humanities and the development and sustainability of sport.

The conference is organized in association with several

international organizations including Newman University, Birmingham,

UNESCO, GUTech, University of Tsukuba, Japan, Gulf Studies Centre,

and Development and Research Academy for Sports Science Activities


The first session of the conference was chaired by Prof. Abdullah

Khamis Ambusaidi, Director of Humanities Research Center at SQU.

Prof. Yahya Al-Nakeeb, keynote speaker from the Republic of Iraq,

presented a paper entitled “The role of physical and sports education

programs in promoting children and young people health in particular

and society in general.

In addition, Jana El Baba, Program Specialist for Social and

Human Sciences at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and

Cultural Organization (UNESCO) presented a paper on Maximizing

the Power of Sport for Sustainable Development. She discussed the

relation between the sport and sustainable development and the ways

to promote the role of sport in achieving the objectives of global

sustainable development. She highlighted the role of UNESCO in

improving and implementing the policy of sport education at schools

and outside and enhancing their life skills in order to achieve

sustainable development in the Arab region.

More than 100 papers covering various themes are presented

during the two days of the conference. This initiative of the Department

of Physical Education at Sultan Qaboos University is a manifestation of

the University’s message that seeks to achieve a sophisticated level in

scientific research, and highlight the recent scientific developments in

the physical education and sport sciences. Participants from various

countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia,

Iraq, Tunisia, the UAE, Sudan, Kuwait, Palestine, Qatar and Morocco

are attending the conference.

The conference will come up with recommendations and

suggestions to improve the level of preparation and development of

individuals who constitute a part of society contributing to sustainable

quality of individuals and development of the society. Physical

education and sport sciences play a strategic role in attaining

sustainable development of individuals and society as they are

associated with the most vital sectors, namely; health, education,

production, and other areas.

Source: Oman News Agency