Muscat, The International Conference on Trends

in Innovative Mathematics Curriculum: Highlights on Early Mathematics

Education organized as part of Oman Mathematics Day commenced at

Sultan Qaboos University “SQU” under the patronage of Sayyid Dr.

Fahd bin Al Julanda al-Said, Assistant Secretary General at The

Research Council (TRC) for Innovation Development.

Oman joined the International Mathematics Union (IMU) as an

Associate Member in August 2010. Dr. Mageda al-Hinai, Chairperson of

Oman Mathematics Committee said that the efforts of the Committee

over the past years have resulted in the creation of a comprehensive

and strong profile for mathematics activities in the Sultanate through

the formation and implementation of many events in various parts of

the country. The annual conference that coincides with Oman

Mathematics Day is one such event. Because of these efforts,

International Mathematics Union (IMU) revised the status of the

Sultanate’s participation in the Union from Associated Member since

2010 to a permanent member in August 2018. The Permanent Member

status allows the Sultanate a wider scope for cooperation in the Union

and voting rights on important decisions at the General Assembly

meetings of the IMU, she said.

In the opening ceremony of the conference, Dr. Mohammed bin

Said al-Ghafri, Chair of the Conference Organizing Committee said that

the three-day conference includes 30 research papers (23 lectures and

7 workshops) by participants from Oman and abroad. Dr. Mehiddin Al

Bali spoke about Sultanate becoming a permanent member of IMU and

the privileges associated with it. Dr. Naser al-Taie from the Royal Opera

House Muscat gave a short lecture on Mathematical Harmonies in

Musical Notes.

The conference features eight keynote speakers from Oman and

aborad. In the morning session, Prof. Anthony Kelly from the USA

delivered a talk on different models in mathematical assessment in

education. The second plenary talk by Prof. Salman Usiskin focused

on assessing students in mathematics.

Source: Oman News Agency