Muscat, Sheikh Sa’ad bin Mohammed Al

Mardhouf al-Sa’adi, Minister of Sports Affairs will attend the opening

ceremony of the Asian Olympic Games in Jakarta due to be held from

18 August to 2 September 2018. As more as 11,000 athletes

representing 45 countries, competing for 40 games will take part in the

Asian Olympic Games. This is the 18th participation of the Sultanate in

the Asian Games.

Sheikh al-Sa’adi’s programme includes attending the opening

ceremony of the Asian Games, visiting the Oman Sports Mission, which

will take part in eight games namely athletics, tennis, weightlifting,

swimming, archery, hockey, beach volleyball and sailing to check the

readiness of the teams for the tournament to achieve positive results

that reflect the culture of the Sultanate and development of sport

during such an event. There will be a programme to meet with some

officials of sports in the Asian continent.

The Minister of Sports Affairs said in a statement: “We hope that

the Omani teams participating in the Asian Games will achieve the

desired results and get advanced positions as some of the participating

names have already obtained medals and advanced positions in the

previous tournaments”.

Source: Oman News Agency