Shura Council Forwards Public Debt Draft Law to State Council

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The Shura Council forwarded a draft proposal of the Public Debt Law to the State Council. The proposed draft version of the law was referred to the Shura Council by the Council of Ministers.

The bill was forwarded during the 15th regular session of the Shura Council’s 4th annual convening (2022-2023) of its Ninth Term (2019-2023).

The meeting was chaired by Khalid Hilal Al Maawali, Chairman of the Council.

The Shura Council also forwarded a draft law on advocacy and legal consultancies, a proposed draft law on the fund for supporting sports, cultural and youth activities, and a draft law on the protection of bank deposits.

The Shura Council discussed the reports of its permanent committees, the initial intent about the Special Economic Zone at Duqm, the free zones in Sohar, Salalah, and Al Mazunah, the virtual tour of archaeological sites in Oman, ground reality of wheat cultivation in Oman, the innovative employment project in Oman, the issuance of a programme on cooperation about major commercial centres (hypermarkets) and the business activity of groceries.

Source: Oman News Agency