SHARK SHOPPING Selects High-Quality Goods for Customers Using a Curated Retail Model

SHANGHAI, May 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On May 8, 2018, in Shanghai, the “Curated retail: present and future trends SHARK SHOPPING brand release ceremony & worldwide partner conference” was held at Shanghai Mercedes Benz Cultural Center. Global Home Shopping has changed its name to SHARK SHOPPING. The event was witnessed by distinguished guests from China Radio International, China Home Shopping Alliance, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and other organizations, Industry Association, a leading B2C enterprise Fubon MOMO in Taiwan, citrussTV, the largest TV shopping company in Middle East and North Africa, and TVD, the leading TV shopping operator. Hundreds of known brands such as Dyson, Panasonic, LUOLAI and Good Health were also at the event. SHARK SHOPPING, as one of the most representative and innovative enterprises among China’s TV shopping industry, initiated the “Selection mode” strategy,” to select the high-quality goods from around the world.

SHARK SHOPPING will provide a quality lifestyle of “No more wasting time, SHARK SHOPPING offers you the best.” Currently, SHARK SHOPPING provides food, household suppliers, makeup products, personal care, garments, bags and suitcases, accessories and other products for customers through multiple channels including a video shopping app and live broadcast (HD and SD), social media, marketing (based on big data), an e-commerce website and print advertisements. There are 5-6 brands, 20-30 styles under every category, all of which are quality products from around the world.

Last September, SHARK SHOPPING signed a strategic agreement with citrussTV, the largest TV home shopping company in MENA based  in Dubai. Due to the exceptional location of Dubai, SHARK SHOPPING has completed its global trade chain by taking advantage of this favorable condition. In the activity on May 8, citrussTV and SHARK SHOPPING united simultaneously with Fubon MOMO, a leading B2C enterprise in Taiwan and TVD, a leading TV shopping operator in Thailand, and jointly pushed “Global Brand Development Plan.” Every platform will select the high-quality brands and output them onto other platforms quickly in local markets, achieving the goal of introduction and output of excellent brands.