Shakira to open Arz International Festivals

Award-winning star Shakira has announced that she will perform at the Arz International Festivals in Lebanon to be held this July as part of her international tour “EL DORADO WORLD TOUR”.

The Arz International Festivals Committee said in a statement issued this Friday that “since its inception, it has honored Lebanese national figures and symbols. This year, it decided to honor Lebanon in its international dimension through the five archaeological sites listed on the World Heritage List: Qadisha Valley, Byblos, Tyre, Anjar and Baalbek.”

“In order for this honor to happen at a level worthy of the status of Lebanon and the Arz International Festivals, and out of commitment of the chairwoman of the Committee, MP Strida Geagea, to sending a message of peace from the cedars and from Lebanon to the world and to all the Lebanese expatriates and Arab brothers, so as to encourage then to visit Lebanon next summer, (…) Geagea chose world-renowned artist Shakira, who is of Lebanese origin, to lead the opening ceremony of the festivals on Friday, July 13, 2018,” the statement read.

“Organizers expect 14,000 people to attend the opening ceremony,” it added.

The Arz International Festivals Committee also praised the efforts made by international producer Wassim Slaiby (Sal) and ICE events company for making Shakira’s participation at the Festivals happen.

The committee announced that Slaiby, who is also Head of the Anghami International Partnership, was delighted to have Shakira joining the festival. “We are confident that the concert will be exceptional, especially as it is organized and executed by ICE Events.”

“We will continue to attract world stars through Anghami to allow them to enjoy the Lebanon and the Middle East,” said Slaiby.

Source: National News Agency