Muscat, The Steering Committee at the Secretariat General of the Supreme Council for Planning (SCP) , which is delegated with the task of supervising the implementation of the initiatives coming out from the National Economic Diversification Program ” Tanfeedh” held its 9th meeting under the chair of Talal bin Sulaiman al- Rahbi, SCP Deputy Chairman.

The agenda of the meeting included following up the initiatives and businesses within the framework of developing the planning for projects. The Secretariat General is in charge of following up the implementation of an initiative for classification and evaluation of the projects that can be implemented in partnership with the private sector. It also follows up an initiative for building the capacities at the governmental organisations to study, classify and assess projects. It also supervises an initiative for appointing a governmental company to manage governmental projects.

The participants at the meeting reviewed the key performance indicators for the initiatives for 2018, the progress made in achieving the aims, the key challenges and the proposed solutions to address the challenges and achieve the aims of these initiatives. They also reviewed the efforts made by the working team for the initiative related to classifying and assessing projects that can be implemented in partnership with the private sector. They also reviewed the efforts made by the governmental organizations to revise the priority projects for implementation in partnership with the private sector.

The team seeks to prepare profiles for 16 infrastructure projects in coordination with the relevant stakeholders by the end of this year. The team also initiated the procedures for appointing an expert who can enrich the knowledge and experience of the team and prepare the profiles of the projects in a way that attracts joint investments from the public and private sectors.

Source: Oman News Agency