Minsk, 73 Syrian excelled students spend useful and enjoyable times in (Zobrunk Health Recreation Camp) in Belarus through activities and meetings with their colleagues from Belarus to get acquainted with the country’s culture in the camp, which was organized at the invitation of the Belarusian Ministry of Education and with full cooperation and coordination between the Syrian Embassy in Minsk and camp management.

The camp’s activities, which varied between sports and social ones, are represented by inspecting the Belarusian customs, traditions and heritage, and scientific also formed an element of daily revitalization for the participants, after their visits , during the past few days, included the capital’s archaeological landmarks, historic castles, universities and museums.

The number of the participants has reached up to 73 of the students excelled at the exams of the basic education certificate at the schools of Syrian Arab Republic, as well the outstanding students in the exams of the basic education certificate of the martyrs’ sons and daughters, in addition to 7 supervisors.

Source: Syria Arab News Agency