Salam Air Resumes Flights between Salalah, Sohar

Salam Air, the Sultanate’s first budget carrier, announced the resumption of its flights between Salalah and Sohar on Thursday, March 29th, after the airline has carefully scheduled flights to suit passengers’ needs during the weekend.

Salam Air’s first flight from Sohar to Salalah was in July 2017 for five months in order to serve the social and tourism movement between the North and South of the Sultanate during the Al Khareef season and succeeded in transporting more than 22,000 passengers between Sohar and Salalah both for business, entertainment or to visit families and friends.

Captain Mohammed Ahmed, CEO of Salam Air said that by resuming flights between Salalah and Sahar, passengers can travel directly between the two cities without having to travel through Muscat, saving at least two hours, praising the efforts of Oman Airports Company and the Public Authority for Civil Aviation in achieving that.

He explained that this is the first step within the plans of the airline to increase the number of flights between Sohar and Salalah and run on a daily basis during the Al Khareef season.

He said the airline is keen to link the Sultanate to new medium and short-term destinations through a combination of permanent and seasonal flights, adding that the airline currently flies to Muscat, Salalah, Sohar, Dubai, Doha, Taif, Jeddah, Shiraz, Karachi, Multan and Sialkot.

Source: Oman News Agency