Salalah Free Zone Opens Representative Office in Turkey

Ankara, Salalah Free Zone opened its

representative office in the Republic of Turkey in the presence of

representatives from the business sector in Turkey. The new office

comes after the first representative office, which was inaugurated in the

Republic of India in 2015.

Ali bin Mohammed Tabouk, Deputy CEO of Salalah Free Zone

said “The opening of the office in Turkey comes after the successful

experience of the Salalah Free Zone in the international markets

through the representative office in the Republic of India. Salalah Free

Zone seeks to achieve results that support the objectives of

development in the Sultanate”.

He pointed out that the Turkish economy is ranked 17th in the

world and is a promising market. He added that Salalah Free Zone

targets in the first stage, through the work programs of the

representative office, the industrial sector, which contributes to the

Turkish economy by 32%, including food and manufacturing industries

of all types, electronics, distribution and packaging business.

He pointed out that Salalah Free Zone has ambitious

programs and objectives through which it aims to attract one billion

dollars of Turkish foreign direct investment, including the provision of

2000 jobs during the next three years from the first stage of the work

programs. He added, “Turkish investors will be invited during the

upcoming period through the adoption of an innovative concept of

business of (Turkish International Station for Trade and Distribution) in

Salalah Free Zone, and inviting Turkish investors to take advantage of

the facilities and benefits of the station, which includes support for

integrated work and support umbrella represented in a range of

incentives and benefits offered by the Free Zone to investors.

Source: Oman News Agency