Rusayl Industrial Estate Organizes Workshop on Information Security

Muscat, Rusayl Industrial Estate, which pertains

to the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), organised

recently a workshop on Information Security for the investors and

industrialists in the estate.

The workshop, which was held in cooperation with an SME local

company that specialises in information security, comes in line with the

efforts undertaken by Rusayl Industrial Estate to support Small and

Medium Enterprises and provide distinctive services to the industrialists

and investors in the estate.

A number of important topics were discussed at the workshop,

including: preservation of information, protection against potential

cyberattacks and reduction of their impact, various ways to avoid such

attacks in light of the increasing attacks witnessed worldwide, and

types of cyber-blackmailing and ways to avoid and deal with such


The participants at the workshop shared valuable discussions and

elaborations on the topic. The management of Rusayl Industrial Estate

emphasises on the significance of continuing to organise a series of

meetings, seminars and awareness lectures in various subjects to

serve the investors in the estate and the SMEs.

Source: Oman News Agency