Muscat, The Ministry of Health, represented by the Royal Hospital, today signed an agreement with the German University of Technology, Oman, (GUtech) for cooperation in the fields of research and innovation in the health sector.

The agreement seeks to conduct scholarly research combining the disciplines of engineering and medicine to combat coronavirus (Covid-19). The projects include one for the development of an “artificial lung” based on preliminary proposals and designs discussed by specialists from both sides. Another project targets the production of human insulin.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Qasim Ahmed Al Salmi, Director General of the Royal Hospital, and Dr. Hussain Sulaiman Al Salmi, Acting President of GUtech.

The “artificial lung” project seeks to provide treatment for Covid-19 patients and it is expected to contribute to the proportion of convalescence among patients admitted to hospitals in the Sultanate. It is also hoped to reduce the probability of patients entering the critical stages of the disease that require admission to intensive care units. The second project aims to produce insulin-based medical drugs of good quality.

Source: Oman News Agency