Muscat, The Diwan of the Royal Court will sign tomorrow (Monday) a

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Oman Technology Fund (OTF) to use the

drones and artificial intelligence to serve the Million Date Palm Tree Project.

The signing ceremony will be patronized by Dr. Ali bin Masoud al- Sunaidy, Minister of

Commerce and Industry.

Under the contract, two Omani companies, where OTF invests, will provide data analysis,

imaging and aerial survey services for early detection and treatment of diseases and

epidemics of the plant of the Million Date Palm Tree Project.

“Horizon” Robotics and Modern Innovation Land will collect data and turn it into executable

information, which will contribute to the knowledge of many technical data related to the

project, including the diagnosis of diseases and pests that affect the date palm and writing

reports about them.

The Million Date Palm Tree Project is one of the pioneering projects in the Sultanate,

which will achieve food, economic, social and environmental benefits and achieve a

significant progress in the date palm sector by applying the latest scientific developments in

agricultural operations, dates processing and by-products, which is a high added value that

increases the capacity of Omani dates to compete in foreign markets and enhances the

economic capabilities of Omani agriculture.

Source: Oman News Agency