Muscat, Brigadier-General Abdulrazak bin

Abdulqader al-Shahwarzi, Commander of the Royal Cavalry said that

the Royal Cavalry prepared fully to take part and compete in the World

Endurance Games, which will be held in Tryon town at North Carolina,

USA, next week.

The Royal Cavalry will compete in this event in the world

endurance cup after 8 of our riders and 8 of our horses were qualified

for this championship. However, we will participate by a team of 4

riders and 1 reserve, based on the rules of the FEI, the organising

body of the event.

Brigadier-General al-Shahwarzi added, We are proud of the high

position reached by the Royal Cavalry in horse and equestrian sports.

He pointed out that endurance team competed in many international

races and secured advanced positions on various races. We followed

up the last preparations to select the riders and horses by the technical


The team’s technical apparatus selected 4 riders from the list of

riders who qualified for the championship to represent the Sultanate of

Oman, namely: Mahmoud al-Foori on mare Dallilah, Hisham al-Farsi on

mare Ondia, Saleh al-Balushi on stallion Rice and Hussain al-Farsi on

stallion Rafal de Career.

The reserve is Adil al-Balushi on mare Tuscan. This selection

based on accurate supervision and results achieved in various

international competitions.

The endurance team reached Tryon town in North Carolina

together with the technical team and will start rehearsals as planned.

Roman Laporte, Trainer, said that the team is ready for

competition and had many experiences by taking part in international

races organised by FEI in a number of European countries. He hoped

the team would get good position in the championship.

Lieutenant Nasser bin Khalfan al-Hussaini, Officer at the

Endurance Race Department at the Royal Cavalry, said that riders are

fully motivated and their results were high. The World Equestrian

Games will witness fierce competition as all are prepared, and we

prepared our team to get advanced positions.

Source: Oman News Agency