Royal Administration Academy Launches National Leaderships Development Programme

Muscat, The Royal Academy for Administration has launched a national programme for developing leaderships and exploring the future. The programme seeks to groom efficient leaderships of middle management within departments of the State’s Administrative Apparatus.

The programme comprises what is known as the First Educational Unit, which envisages training an accredited coach. It is attended by 26 specialized trainers from public and private sector establishments. It is aimed at transferring knowledge and localizing expertise in a manner that fits with the vision of the Royal Academy.

Dr. Ali Qassim Al Lawati, President of the Royal Academy for Administration, said that the training programmes is the outcome of partnership between the Academy and Eller Executive Education Centre of Arizona University.

The national training programme for the development of leaderships, executed in partnership with the Ministry of Finance, gets inspiration from the “Partnership for Development (Offset)” programme and Linko company of the United States, with the objective of building capacities, national competencies, transferring knowledge and applying the best practices in the field.

Source: Oman News Agency